Some comments from our satisfied customers...

"Cleanest laundromat in far. Great place for kids." - Joanne G.

"The extra large machines were fantastic for washing big heavy blankets that I couldn't wash at home. The woman on staff that day helped me do everything. I'll be back!" - Suzanne R.

"Even when this place is really busy, like on a weekend day, they always have plenty of machines available because it's a big place with lots of washers and dryers. The washers really do an awesome job cleaning. Prices are very reasonable - you get what you pay for here." John B.
"The wash/dry/fold service is so good, I drive by two other laundromats to get there. I'd never go anywhere else. Keep up the great work!" - Kevin C.
"Much better magazine selection than my doctor's office. Tons of different magazines, and they're always current. Pretty cool for a laundromat." - Barry G.
"I brought my two young kids to the laundromat one day - and I was worried they would just run all over the place and cause havoc. Laundry Day actually has a special area for kids, toys, coloring books, and story books. Problem solved!" - Erin T.
"Laundry Day's wash and fold service is outstanding. I drop off first thing in the morning, and pick it up after work. Always on time, always super clean, always perfectly folded. They even hang my shirts on hangers!! The prices are cheap for the service you get. The people that work there are always so nice and helpful." - Lisa A.
"Is it possible that doing laundry is actually enjoyable?!? It is at Laundry Day! The people that work there are so nice, the store is always really clean, and the machines do a super job cleaning even the toughest stains and dirty clothes." - Sarah M.
"Love this place! When I first went there over a year ago, I walked in with three bags of laundry and a small bucket of quarters. The attendant told me that the washers and dryers don't take quarters, and I needed to use a "card". This was new to me and I wasn't sure what she was talking about...but then she explained the card system - it is so easy! They cashed in my quarters, I put cash on the card, then used it on the machines - super simple and so much faster! The attendant was so helpful. The only place I ever go!! THANK YOU!!" - Sally T.
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